About us

Big Giraffe is a professional and innovative recruitment agency based in the East of England. We focus solely on the insurance industry and aim to “stand above” the competition by employing a holistic approach to recruitment.  


Recent studies conducted by TalentPuzzle revealed that, with UK businesses spending around £2.5 billion each year on recruitment agencies, it would seem surprising that of those 76% considered the rates charged to be unreasonably high and heavily disproportionate in terms of the service provided. 


Furthermore, 58% of HR staff and business owners considered briefing agencies a waste of time, due to the sheer number of inappropriate candidates put forward. 


Standing above the crowd is quite literally in our DNA! Just like the giraffe having evolved to survive in a challenging and often hostile environment, Big Giraffe has evolved to meet the demands of modern-day businesses. 


Like the pattern on a giraffe’s back, we are completely unique. From the birth of a candidate’s application, Big Giraffe employs a multitude of innovative techniques in order to gauge the true suitability of individual candidates and matching them with an employer’s specific needs.


We nurture each candidate and guide them through the evolutionary journey, from start to finish, utilising our unique industry specific knowledge.