'Stand above the crowd'

Recruitment is about people; Big Giraffe is about presenting opportunities that will improve the lives of our candidates. 


As a Company we embody the following core values; 





These core values connect every single candidate we support. Every question we ask, every sentiment we give, every decision we ultimately end up making, is because we are holistic in our approach, bespoke in the support we provide and innovative with the methods we employ.  

Holistic - In our approach, by encompassing the entirety of a candidate's application and not just chosen aspects, giving your application the most detailed and enriched information possible, allowing every candidate the highest chance to stand out above the crowd. 

Bespoke - With our career plans, giving in depth reviews and advice for every candidate we engage with. Helping them personally; get the most potential out of themselves, by exploiting their capabilities and pushing their professional boundaries. 


Innovative - With our methods, by introducing advanced and unorthodox ideas, we illuminate the very best within candidates, exposing their originality to employers, and allowing their personallity to shine through.    

Conventional Recruitment Agents

Big Giraffe

Rarely will they meet with a candidate face to face, this limits their ability to form a complete picture.

Where possible we Skype candidates, and conduct a pre-interview assessment (PIA). This is a relaxed conversation, where we will ask some specific questions, in order to gauge their suitability for any given role. 

Top and tails CV before sending it off to an employer.

Here at Big Giraffe we personally help to build a candidates CV prior to the employers interview, giving them the best possible chance to succeed. 

Most agencies leave the candidate to negotiate directly with the employer. Which can cause friction between the parties. Not a good start when forming a relationship with your future employer. 

Assist in the negotiation of packages. We take a very hands-on and pragmatic approach, to ensure that you get the very best remuneration package.   

Most recruiters do not provide any form of candidate preparation, they merely act as a post box by sending the CV to the employer and arranging the interview.  

Interview training and preparation is a key aspect here at Big Giraffe. We guide, mentor and coach each candidate from the outset. 

Conventional recruiters, do not provide profiles of each candidate to the employer. They completely disregard what we consider, to be one of the most important elements as a cultural fit.  

Personality profiling to ensure a good cultural fit with the employer. Big Giraffe go way beyond what traditional recruiters provide. In addition to insuring that your CV is professional and informative, we construct a unique and individual personality profile for each of our candidates. This provides the perspective employer with a far greater insight as to the cultural fit within their organisation. Conversely it also insures that they are a great fit as a candidate.