‘Stand above the crowd’

With our industry specific knowledge, we only target individuals that we consider to be of the highest professional standard. Impeccably matching the credentials and requirements of each candidate to a very detailed and in-depth criteria, created in conjunction with our client.   

So how do we differ from the thousands of traditional recruitment agencies?

Conventional Recruitment Agents

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Value of the refund offered if any will strictly depend on the circumstances of a candidate’s termination, along with the period of their employment. It’s not unusual to receive nothing back after just 3 months.

If a candidate either leaves or has their employment terminated within six months of joining regardless of the reason. We offer a no quibble refund according to the following scale;

  • within the first 2 months   40%

  • between 2 and 3 months 30%

  • between 4 and 5 months 20%

  • between 5 and 6 months 10%

  • after 6 months                    0%

Rates paid by employers do not often reflect the amount or quality of work done by recruitment firm. Generally charging anywhere between 15%-20% plus VAT of a candidates agreed salary. 

Employers will be charged a very competitive, non-negotiable flat rate of 7.5%, and no VAT!  

Due to the increasing presence of the online market. Many of the high street presence is on the decline.

In 2014, 74% of all adults bought goods or services online. Our service will be accessible at all times from all locations on the worldwide web, as we do not need an office. 

No candidate profiling takes place.

Part of our data capture will involve psychometric testing analysis giving the employer an objective (and subjective if requested) detailed and enriched profile of the candidate, detailing their personality type. Allowing the employer to see through embellished phrases and words such as “top seller” or “enthusiastic demeanour”  

CVs are often just ‘topped and tailed’ with the agent’s letterhead

We have our own unique CV builder that will allow the candidates to accurately present themselves, professionally without unnecessary or intrusive company branding.

Miss-matching of candidates with employers/job vacancies is commonplace

Employment agencies rarely meet the candidate and so provide little ‘added value’ to the employer. Agency acts more as pool of candidates than targeted service provider.

Generally, do not offer interview training or preparation services at all. Candidates are usually sent to interview unprepared, with little idea of the employer’s requirements or even detailed information on the role.

Our unique data capture and profiling will enable accurate matches, giving the candidate more chance of success, and the employer less wasted time filtering CVs.

We will meet all candidates either face to face or over skype. Attaching a very detailed clearly formatted document professionally reviewing each Candidate. Furthermore, short videos of the candidate will be attached for the employers, giving them a feel for the candidate pre-interview. 

Training will be given; mock interviews, careers advice etc. to ensure candidates are prepared and can portray their true suitability for the position on offer.