Privacy Policy

Big Giraffe Limited (“Big Giraffe”, “we” or “us”) is dedicated to the Privacy, and indeed the protection of your Personal Data.

This Document clearly depicts in plain and clear language, how we collect your personal data; how your data is processed and what your data is used for.

We strongly advise that if you were to have any concerns or question over any information written within this document, that you contact us directly. Contact details for which can be found at the bottom of each page on our website, or within the “Contact Us” page on our website.

The information contained within this document

-    How we collect your personal data
-    How your data is processed  
-    How your data is used

Why does privacy matter to us?
Due to the nature of the service to which we provide, privacy is a very important aspect here at Big Giraffe. As such, we firmly believe you have the right to know exactly how it is handled.

When it comes to the handling of your personal data, we recognise that such information is not only really important, but also really sensitive. Therefore it is of paramount importance to us, that this information is handled with extreme care.

Your personal information ultimately contains information about you as an individual. It is our responsibility to ensure that such information is properly and correctly safeguarded. The safeguarding therefore matters a lot to us. In the event of any information being incorrectly stored, lost or indeed shared with any third parties without your expressed verbal and/or written consent, would result in detrimental and unnecessary stress and/or concern on your behalf.

We are extremely passionate and proud of the excellent service to which we provide at Big Giraffe, as a result all such measures to ensure all personal data is properly protected, have been taken. In doing so disposing the risk of brand damage incurred to Big Giraffe.

Who are we?
Big Giraffe is a professional recruitment boutique based within the East of England and focuses solely on the insurance industry. Hugo Plaster is the Director and Data Controller at Big Giraffe, and can be contacted over any privacy matters at hugo.Plaster@biggiraffe.co.uk 

What information do we collect?
If you choose to use our contact form (available on our “Contact Us’ page.) We shall collect your full name, email address and most suitable contact number. This is so we have all relevant details too contact you properly in return to the message you’ve sent. Furthermore, we collect data through the use of both email, or contact number (this can include personal/ Work mobile, work landline or domestic landline.) Lastly as a recruitment agency we also process CV’s as part of our application process. All sensitive information such as this is treated securely and in accordance with GDPR.

How do we use personal information?
We use all personal data recorded, first and foremost to ensure the best quality service that can be provided, and indeed expected of us. Your personal data is also recorded to allow the service provided to you, tailored to your specific requirements. We need your personal data to respond to any questions, quires or requests you may ask, allowing us to contact you promptly and efficiently. We may use your data to further improve and develop the website and systems to better serve you.

With your consent we may use your data for marketing research, contacting you with regards to the quality of service that you received. On top of this we may contact you involving similar services (such as providing job specifications that are relevant to you), this may also include sending newsletters or contacting you over upcoming events we may offer or be involved in. We may transfer you data to third parties (with your consent). And where necessary use your data to comply with any legal obligations, and investigations carried out by the police, government or regulators. We may also process your information to respond or investigate an incident or complaint.   

What does the law state?
Our use of your information as described is permitted by applicable data protection law because it is necessary for our legitimate interests in pursuing the purposes set out, and such interests in each case not being overridden by your privacy interests.

Do you have to give us the personal data if requested?
You are not technically obliged to provide your personal data to us, even when requested. However we cannot fully fulfil any request asked of us, regarding our services or information without certain types of data.

How long do we keep your information for?
We will keep your information for as long as you wish to receive our service. Therefore for the longer of the period required in order to meet our business, legal or regulatory responsibilities. Typically however this in most instances will last for two years.  

Sharing with third parties
To efficiently use your information, and to provide you content/resources, or to fulfil a request that has been made of us. We shall disclose certain aspects of your data to third parties, however this discloser will only occur in certain circumstances. Such as includes, if we determine in our sole discretion that we are under a legal obligation to do so. This also extends to third parties such as clients too which we work on behalf, in-line with providing you with the service expected.

Where your personal information is stored and processed
As explained in the above paragraph, we share your personal information with third parties when necessary. Even under these circumstances, it remains our duty therefore under our control to ensure that certain measures are taken place that safeguard your data, ensuring it is adequately protected.

How can you access, correct and delete your personal data
Under applicable data protection laws, you are entitled to request confirmation whether we process any of your personal information. Where this is the case, you may have access to your personal information and to certain information about how it is processed. In some cases, you can ask us to provide you with an electronic copy of your information.  If you can demonstrate that personal information we hold about you is not correct, you can ask that this information is updated or otherwise corrected. In certain circumstances, you have the right to have your personal data deleted. You may make such a request at any time and we will evaluate if your request should be granted, however this right is subject to any legal rights or obligations we may have to retain data. For situations where, in accordance with the law, we determine that your request to have your personal information deleted must be granted, we will do so without undue delay.

To exercise your rights, you can contact us at the following address: hugoplaster@biggiraffe.co.uk